Guestbooks NEW colours and designs

Guestbooks & USB's

We aim to give our customers the best experience when hiring the Selfie Mirror. This is why we give our customers the option to add a 12"x12" Guestbook & USB to their bookings.  

By adding a Guestbook to your booking it can give you and your guests a chance to have countless selfies which are then placed into your Guestbook for your guests to sign and leave a message. Having a Guestbook gives you the chance to remember your special occasion in many years to come.

Our Guestbooks come in a variety of colours which include, White, Black, Mink, Midnight Blue, Pale Lilac, Multi-coloured, Multi-coloured sparkle and Brown. We also have books designed for special occasions such as weddings and baby events. Each Guestbook can be personalised to cater to all different types of occasions, whether it be for a wedding, birthday, christening, baby shower and much more, depending on the your requirements. 

Pale Lilac GB.jpeg

With every Guestbook each customer will receive a USB at the end of the hire period, with all the photographs taken throughout the hire duration. This is to ensure that if you ever lost your book, you have a digital backup. 

Multi coloured GB.jpeg

* Pale Lilac

* Multi-Coloured Pastel

Baby feet GB.jpeg

* Baby Feet

Wedding sparkle gb.jpeg

* Wedding Sparkle

Midnight blue gb.jpeg

* Midnight Blue

Multli Coloured sparkle GB.jpeg

* Multi-coloured Sparkle

Mink GB.jpeg


* Black

* White

* Brown

Selfie Mirror USB.png

Our USB's come in black, they are made in the form of a wristband which puts our customers mind at ease when worrying about losing their USB. As we know at most events, you are too busy enjoying yourself and having a good time. So rather than worrying about where you left your USB, you can place it around your wrist with no stress or worry.

Book Yours Today and add a Guestbook! Each booking requires a £50.00 deposit to secure your day..

Guestbook Personalisations

Gold sparkle stars.jpeg
Champagne Topper.jpeg
Paulas gb.jpg

* Personalised Guestbook

Our standard guestbooks come with a basic design to suit your event, whether it be for a wedding or birthday party. 

You can upgrade your guestbook to be Personalised and designed to your particular requirements depending on your event. If you would like to add a guestbook to your booking, you can discuss this with one of our team via email or by calling us on 07506402301


Our personalised guestbooks can be designed to your particular requirements. We have a wide variety of colours including holographic colours to choose from. All of our colours have a unique gloss finish, giving your guestbook a beautiful look. With the ultimate smart cutting machine, we can cut hundreds of materials with effortless precision. With its expandable suite of tools and advanced Rotary and Knife blades, we can create all kinds of designs. Our machine cuts hundreds of materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to matboard and leather. We also have a wide range of topper designs for all types of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, specific ages, christenings, baby showers and so much more.

Georginas GB.jpg

Holographic Colours

Silver Stars .jpeg
Sparkle Stars.jpeg

We have many different vinyl colours to choose from which can be used for any personalisations. You can also have more than one colour if required.

If you would like more information about this or would like to add this to your booking, please give us a call on 07506402301 to discuss your requirements.